Friday, December 31, 2010

treasure 2010

this year my word was treasure. this blog has given me and opportunity to do that. i was driven at the beginning to keep this going but my bad habit is starting a project really well and getting to about 80-90% finished then letting it sit. the hardest month for me to capture in pictures was december. i don't know why. but i was determined to finish. and i did. i have been challenged to get my camera out every day (proud to say i only missed a handful), take better photos visually and emotionally, and make sure i didn't miss any kids in the process. this has given me time to see how i view our family in photos. this year i have learned more about my camera by shooting in manual mode (still learning), and also learn to edit a little better. i also really desired to shoot "better" photos-but i look back and while they may not be perfectly placed or the lighting is still off they are perfect in emotion. i can look back and remember why i took these photos. it is a journey for me to remember what is important. a journey that at times has not been easy with having to let go of stuff that i need to let go of this year then reminding myself every day who and what i treasure. i love that i pick a word. it is simple but so powerful. i am blessed beyond measure to have so much to treasure in my life.
and as great it was to document our lives here i am still trying to figure out how i am going to capture 2011. i do know that i am going to rejoice so keep an eye on both my blogs for new photos and memories.

for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

day 365

grandma zeb has taken a real liking to noah. he has become incredibly patriotic because of her. noah has been given several of grandpa kenny's papers from world war 2, the bible from after he passed away, the shells from his funeral, p.o.w. flags and shirt, and the list goes on. this picture zeb is giving to noah is very special. it is of the b-17 grandpa kenny was shot down in. i remember when zeb had this drawing given to her. there is a history and memories here for me being passed down to my son which i hold dear to my heart. a big one is the pride in zeb's face as she gives these special things to noah. i pray he will cherish memories of these times with grandma zeb forever.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

day 364

marlee intense with this very loud piano. sometimes it is watching her bounce off the walls, other times it is watching her move her hands and face in great expression. love her enthusiasm for anything she does.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

day 363

naomi has taken on the big sister role very seriously lately. she dresses marlee a couple days a week. naomi will match marlee to herself as close as possible. it is usually the type of clothing-like a shirt and skirt with leggings for the both of them or a fancy dress. today naomi put all the play necklaces on her little sister. marlee loves the attention and it touches my heart to see naomi take care of her.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

day 362

my awesome husband carrying out the christmas tree. this year was an adventure taking it down. i unscrew the bottom and kev lifts it up and out of the stand. it seems every year i don't unscrew it enough to get it out of the stand and kev is pulling on it trying not to get tortured by the pine needles or pull his back out. eventually the tree makes it outside. and soon we can laugh about how ridiculously hard that turned out to be.

Monday, December 27, 2010

day 361

naomi creating her messenger bag she got for christmas. she had to cut out each little decal she wanted on her bag and set them very carefully in the right place. it is always fun for me to watch her figure out where things go and see what funny faces she is going to pull while creating. kind of makes me wonder what i look like while i am making something. good times.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

day 360

we had christmas with our meyer family today. the kids were pretty excited because santa showed up unexpectedly. the story behind this is dad only told me that he had this costume. so, he disappeared for a bit and everyone was asking where grandpa was because the kids were ready to open presents. santa made his grand appearance and gave everyone a fun suprise other than levi and jackson(who cried). dad was really excited to give this suprise the kids and mom as he is a big kid himself!


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